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  1. Lcpl Reese Harrigan was promoted to the rank of Corporl in the United States Colonial Marine Corps

    (Posted on 2008-07-18 15:08:00 by GySgt Eversmann)
  2. The Marines of TF 312 have been moved to Gateway Station and are currently under going SIM training in preparation for deployment to the Surface of Lobos.

    (Posted on 2008-07-14 14:53:00 by GySgt Eversmann)

The Micor sector which is located on the bottom left quadrant of the Star Map is home to a very prosperous and uncorrupted chain of planets which eluded the Colonial Wars in the past and are now home to the Meta Corporations of today. Although rival corporations are always warring, Micor Sector’s planets were so rich in resources that the Corporations could stay apart and work in relative harmony.
Many years have past, planets were sucked dry of their resources and the Corporations already in Micor were fighting for turf. This is in light of the formation of new Corporations now looking to Micor for a starting ground. Civilizations on these planets which have been there for decades, are now being pushed to the edge, revolt against the Corporations and their greedy and violent ways is sparking. The Sector is at the brink of War with the Corporations and its front is planet Lobo.
Lobos is the home to a large Colony which has expanded over the past eight years to about 70,000 people. Terraforming was the cause of this population spike and many new residents are involved with the advanced planning and transfer of the other Corporation assets from outside worlds to come to Lobo.
Micor’s current Corporations are organized into a loose consortium called Tradex, which is based on Lobo, and is superficially similar to New Eden and JV. Unfortunately though, Tradex exerts little control over Lobo's citizens, and it completely uprooted for an unknown reason, leaving behind its 70,000 civilians. Thats when a transmission was intercepted by CMC satellite, it was washed with static but the location of the planet and the faded words of “Aliens are..” were retrieved. So a ship was dispatched to the sector and imagery found that the planets populace was fighting several large Hives through out the planet. The CMC immediatly sent forces to the surface evoked Marshal Law on the entire planet.
Several years went by and the Alien hives fell one by one till there were very few left. That's when Weyland Yutani came to the planet, its civilians took to the Corporation immediately, they were grateful that the CMC helped save the planet, but Marshal Law for those years turned Lobo sour. The CMC was more of a nuisance now and they wanted them gone, they thought Weyland Yutani would take care of them.

That was when the CMC was taken off the planet to proceed to new battle fronts, and in that process the Tradex would come back to the planet again, regaining its control over the planet and its resources.

A retired Colonel James Castel, was in charge of the security forces on Lobo and was given
immense power over the population. Much more than what normal Colonel’s would have. He was an ambitious man, who built up his forces and transferred their loyalties away from Tradex and to his own goals. This new ‘Personal Army’, has implicated high levels of bribery, corruption, and extortion, becoming a threat to the CMC and the Micor Sector.
Castel’s actions which were at first harmless, were now attracting the full attention of the Tradex and an investigation was launched. But due to Castel’s large forces and high power connections, the ICC declined to assist the Tradex in the investigation and almost certain imprisonment of Castel and his forces. The Tradex still operates like normal on the planet, but Castel is in real control, he gets a cut of all the profits and is in charge of its armies. Crime and smuggling have become the Colony’s two major issues and Task Force 312 is there to put a cease to it.

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